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Products for Ethernet to E3/T3/DS3 Conversion

6/9-Slot Chassis
"...the best thing I have ever seen happen to a T3"
"...the best thing I have ever -- MTV/Viacom NOC

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PPPoE LAN to ISP/Internet
(Ethernet - DS3/E3 - Router or ISP Central Office)

  • Single E3Switch unit at customer location communicating with ISP router at central office.
  • Typically customer with single location connecting to internet.
  • DS3/E3 WAN between E3Switch unit and central office or ISP.
  • Model Numbers: PPPOE-...

LAN Extender
(Ethernet - DS3/E3 - Ethernet)

  • Point to point with one E3Switch unit at each end of DS3/E3 transport.
  • Typically connecting two, distant customer locations - each having an Ethernet network.
  • Not for single-ended connection to ISP (see below).
  • DS3/E3 WAN between two E3Switch units.
  • Connect two Ethernet networks over intermediate DS3/E3 WAN transport.
  • Model Numbers: 1x-DS3-..., 2x-DS3-..., (or with DS3 replaced by E3).

WAN Monitor with Ethernet output

  • Passively monitor a DS3 or E3 WAN.
  • Ethernet output from E3Switch unit for recording/viewing WAN traffic.
  • WAN tap device not required.
  • Model Numbers: 1x-WANMON-..., 2x-WANMON-...

TDM over PSN
(DS3/E3 - Ethernet - DS3/E3)

  • Transport DS3/E3 over intermediate Ethernet with one E3Switch unit at each end.
  • Typically backhauling cellular DS3/E3 over Ethernet radios/transport.
  • Ethernet between two E3Switch units.
  • Model Numbers: WANoE-...


  • In stock with online prices/ordering.
  • Zero-configuration installation in many cases.
  • Far cheaper than typical routers.
  • Fanless or dual-power reliability and rack-mounting brackets included.
  • User-friendly-HTTP and SNMP management and monitoring.
  • Chassis available from single-card through 20-cards - AC/DC.
  • GbE/Jumbo-frame and SFP-optical firmware upgrades when ready.
  • Enhanced WAN frame-lock algorithms for higher bit-error-rate environments.

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